Wie am 01.07.2022 bereits über unser Forum und Socialmedia Kanälen angekündigt, befindet sich das TheLotus Network seit dem 15.07.2022, 23:59 Uhr für unbestimmte Zeit in Wartungsarbeiten. Alle Premium-Ränge werden während der Wartungsarbeiten selbstverständlich pausiert. Bereits gekaufte Ränge werden NICHT erstattet! Weitere Informationen findet ihr hier: Zur News

Vielen Dank für euer Verständnis!


“Connection refused” error

If you have issues connecting to TheLotus.tv, retry it with the following server address, mc.TheLotus.tv

Requirements for the VIP- and Premium+-rank

Your Youtube-Account or Twitch-Account must be according to the following criteria in order to obtain the VIP-Rank:

YouTube (based on the measurement of Socialblade)

  • 15.000 clicks per month roughly
  • at least 3.000 subscribers
  • one video must have been recorded on the server within the last month

Twitch (based on the measurement of Twitchtracker)

  • at least 50 average viewers
  • at least one stream per week

Your YouTube-account or Twitch-account must be according to the following criteria in order to obtain the Premium+ rank:

YouTube (based on the measurement of Socialblade)

  • 8.000 clicks per month roughly
  • at least 1.000 subscribers
  • one video must have been recorded on the server within the last month

Twitch (based on the measurement of Twitchtracker)

  • at least 10 average viewers
  • at least one stream every two weeks

In case that a channel is operated by two people and both are the channel-owners, each of them will get the appropriate rank.

If the requirements comply as mentioned above, you may apply for a rank over that form: Premium+ / VIP Antrag TheLotus.tv

All available ranks on the network
Prefix Rank What signifies him or what is his function
Admin Administrator Leading the network and all his components
Sr Senior His function is the operative and conducting part separated in moderation, development and contents
Dev Developer Is concerned with developing games, plugins and websites for the network
C Content Is concerned to manage and elaborate suggestions and conceptions together with architectural aspects
Mod Moderator Its job is to process all reports and to punish appropriate penalties in case of bad behavior
Sup Supporter
Is responsible to process ingame-reports and especially the first counterpart for users regarding general obscurities / problems
/ Very Important Person
YouTuber, Streamer, Friends and former team members
/ Premium+
Smaller Youtuber / Streamer
/ Elite Holder of a purchased rank, see shop
/ Premium Holder of a purchased rank, see shop
/ Spieler Part of the community
What commands are there and what do they do?

List of the most useful commands:

/helpHere you will find an overview of the most important commands
Create and manage your own party
/friendLists all commands for the friends system
/clanShows you all commands for the clan system
/reportWith this command you can report a player from a round that is still in progress
/playtime (/pt)
Shows you how long a lap has already been running
/gameID (/g)
Creates a link to the corresponding GameID
/chatlog (/cl)
Creates a chatlog
With this command you can view completed laps
What function does your implemented items in your hotbar have?
  • You have the possibility to navigate yourself to the specific sections as shown in the compass. The cube in the compass enables you to visit all integrated minigames in the lobby.
  • To add friends and make appropriate adjustments, take a look at your head. Furthermore, you have a Replay- + Chatlog-Overview as well as your levels, booster, and tokens are displayed. Settings for the lobby, network and PushUp-Notifications can also be matched here.
  • You can easily create a clan and manage them accordingly with the clan-banner.
  • You can use the ingameshop by opening the golden apple. Lobby-Items eg. gadgets, cosmetics or the premium-rank can be purchased here.
  • Your achievements menu will be displayed by opening the nether star. All progresses of each achievement can be inspected here in detail. Alternatively, this can also be done via the command /achievements.
  • You can switch between the lobbies with the clock.
Any opportunity to inspect the evidence underscoring my ban?

One way is that a friend of yours could show it, eg. via discord-screen sharing option or similar ways.

Another option is that you can simply download the material regarding the evidence on the internet and use the so-called “Replay-Mod” on yourself, afterwards. Open your Browser and type “game.thelotus.tv/yourgameID” in your address bar to download the replay. You can figure out your associated gameID on your banscreen. The gameid is composed of eight signs although large and lower case plus numbers could occur (eg. AKFq86Sf).

Subsequently, click on the field “download replay”.

Please consider that attempting to join on the network with a different account is also considered as ban evasion and will be avenged accordingly!

How do I report a player?
  • Chat offences: If a player behaves inappropriately in the chat, you can create a chat log with /cl . You can then send this to a supporter or moderator, create a report at lts.link/report or submit it in the Discord ticket system.

Note that only messages in public chat are penalised (not via msg/party/clan)!

  • Lobby: If a player conspicuously violates the rules, you can report it in the Teamspeak support, write to a team member in the lobby or report the player with a recording in the HUB at lts.link/report.
  • In-game: Here you can report the player who is not following the rules with /report . It is also possible to report the player in Teamspeak support as long as the round is still running. If the round has already ended, please create a report in the HUB under lts.link/report.

You create a report in the HUB by clicking on "User Report" on the page lts.link/report under the item "Create new ticket". Then enter all the required evidence and click on "+ Create".

How and when do I submit a de-banning application?


  • If you think you have been unjustly banned, write an unbanning request at lts.link/unban in which you prove your innocence.
  • If you are permanently banned for client mods (your online time < 10 hours), you can also create a ban request. This should be honest and include a detailed apology. Depending on how long ago you were banned, you will either be banned immediately or your ban will be reduced to a total of 30 days.

To apply for unbanning, you have to click on "+ New topic" under lts.link/unban.

Wo kann ich einen Entbannungsantrag für meinen (gebannten) Minecraftaccount erstellen, wenn ich im Forum ebenfalls gebannt bin?
  • Solltest du einen Entbannungsantrag für einen Serverbann schreiben wollen, aber im Forum ebenfalls gebannt sein, kannst du entweder einen Freund fragen, ob er deinen Entbannungsantrag über seinen Forenaccount für dich absendet oder dich alternativ zuerst über die Email-Adresse unban@thelotus.tv im Forum entbannen lassen. (Dies geht natürlich nur dann, wenn dieser Bann zu Unrecht war.)
Where can I apply for the team?

If you are interested in actively participating as a team member on the server, you can apply for our server team at join.thelotus.tv

There you can also find out whether there is currently an open application phase and for which ranks you can apply. We look forward to seeing you!


Who can I contact if I have forgotten my user account login details?

If you no longer have access to your forum account, please send your request to the following email address: admin@thelotus.tv

What are the settings in the forum?

You can access the control centre by clicking on your profile picture in the top right-hand corner. Profile

  • My profile: Here you can access your user profile and your pinboard.
  • Edit profile: Here you can enter various data such as birthday, gender or social media accounts.

User account

  • Administration: In this section you can change your password and email address, delete your user account and activate 2-factor authentication.
  • Avatar: In the avatar administration you can set or change your profile picture.
  • Signature: Here you can enter a text that will appear under each of your posts.

Data privacy

  • Export personal data: This function allows you to request and download the information we hold about you.


  • General: Language, styles, display options, operation, date and time can be determined here.
  • Friends: In this section you can manage the display of your friends and decide whether you want to block friend requests.
  • Privacy: Here you can make settings for your privacy and determine what other users can see and do with you.
  • Notifications: Here you can set what you want to be notified about in the forum.
  • Absence: If you are absent from the forum, you can indicate this here and thus signal to other users that you will not be available for a certain period of time.


  • Notifications: Here you can see a list of your recent notifications.
  • Users you follow: Users you follow are shown here.
  • Blocked users: If you have blocked other users, you can see them here.
  • Friends: Open friend requests as well as current friendships can be managed here.
How can I create a ban request for a banned forum account?

If you are unjustly banned from the forum, please contact the email address unban@thelotus.tv to write an unbanning request.

To delete your user account in the forum, proceed as follows:

To delete your user account in the forum, proceed as follows:

  1. Click on your profile picture in the top right-hand corner to access the control centre.
  2. Once in the control centre, you will find the item "Administration" in the user account section.
  3. Click on it to access the user account administration.
  4. Now scroll down until you reach the heading "Cancel user account".
  5. Check the box to permanently delete your account and your personal data (note that posts, attachments and the like will not be deleted! You can also delete this data by sending an email to admin@thelotus.tv.

To confirm the cancellation, click on "Send".

Your user account will now be deleted in 7 days.

How do I register in the forum?
  1. Click on "Log in or register" at the top right.
  2. Then click on "Create user account".
  3. You will then be taken to the "Disclaimer", which you must accept.
  4. In the next step you have to enter your Minecraft user name and your registration code. You can obtain this by joining the Minecraft server register.thelotus.tv, from which you will then be kicked with your registration code. You also have to enter your email address and a password, both of which you have to repeat for confirmation.
  5. Now you can select a language.
  6. Then you have to answer the security question ("hCaptcha").
  7. As a last step, you will receive an email from us (noreply@thelotus.tv) to the email address you entered, whose instructions you should follow. If you have not received an email, please check your spam folder - you may find it there.

You are now successfully registered in the forum.

Another way to register on the forum is to type /forum in the Minecraft game chat. This command will take you to the registration page. After you have accepted the “Disclaimer”, proceed as described above.

How do I write a private message (PN)?

You can write a PN by clicking on the speech bubble next to the bell at the top right of the forum. There you can access your conversation via the plus ("Start new conversation"). Here you first enter a meaningful subject, add participants and select whether they should be able to add further participants. Finally, write your message and click on "Send" to send it.

Alternatively, you can also start a conversation by going to the forum profile of the person you want to write a message to. By clicking on "User" and then on "Start conversation" you can also access the private message. Here you only have to follow the same steps as explained above.

Where can I create a ban request for my (banned) Minecraft account if I am also banned in the forum?

If you want to write a request for a server ban but are also banned in the forum, you can either ask a friend to send your request for a server ban via their forum account or alternatively have yourself unbanned first via the email address unban@thelotus.tv in the forum. (Of course, this is only possible if the ban was unjustified).


Can I be supported in TeamSpeak?

Yes, during support hours from 3:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. you can ask questions in TeamSpeak support and report rule violations in live rounds.

If there is no supporter present, you can also write to a moderator.

Please note, however, that outside of the support hours, no team member is obliged to provide help in TeamSpeak!

Game IDs, suggestions, bugs and requests for unbanning are not processed in TeamSpeak Support, but must be submitted separately in the forum.

Are recordings allowed on our community teamspeak?

§7 Record calls - General TeamSpeak rules

“It is forbidden to record calls on the entire server!

Recording for the purpose of taking evidence is an exception, but this may only be passed on to team members. To do this, upload the unlisted video to YouTube.”

Recordings / live broadcasts are also prohibited in Teamspeak Support and will be punished accordingly.

How do I create my (own) user channel?

To create a normal user channel, follow the instructions below:

  1. Join our TeamSpeak (IP: thelotus.tv). If you have not already done so, you must first verify yourself. Instructions can also be found in the FAQ.
  2. Next, scroll down until you reach the “User Channel” category. Right-click on this area heading.
  3. Then click on “Create Channel” in the small window that has opened.
  4. Now enter a name for your channel and think of a password if it should be private. If necessary, you can also set the number of users and audio quality.

You have now successfully created a user channel.

Note that user channels are only temporary and will be deleted as soon as all users have left the channel!

How do I get to TheLotus Teamspeak?

You can reach our Community TeamSpeak at the IP: thelotus.tv

To join the Teamspeak, do the following:

  1. Open your TeamSpeak client.
  2. In the top left corner of the screen, click Connections, then click Connect.
  3. Then you enter the previously mentioned IP address in the field “Server Nickname or Address:”.
  4. Now choose a nickname.
  5. Finally, click on “Connect”.
How do I verify myself in TeamSpeak?

coming soon

How do I unverify myself in Teamspeak?

To cancel your verification on our TeamSpeak you have to write the following message in the in-game chat of our Minecraft network:

/unlink teamspeak

Your verification has now been successfully canceled.


Can I be supported in Discord?

Yes, you can be supported via our ticket system in Discord. We orientate ourselves on the support times from TeamSpeak, which cover the period from 15:00-22:00.

Again, no game IDs, bugs or unbanning requests will be processed. These still belong in the forum.

You can find more detailed information on the ticket system in the Discord channel #ticket-erstellen.

How do I verify myself in Discord?

coming soon

How do I unverify myself in Discord?

To cancel your verification on our Discord you have to write the following message in the ingame chat of our Minecraft network:

/unlink discord

Your verification has now been successfully cancelled.


Do I get my money back if I no longer want the product I purchased?

Once you have received the product you have purchased, you will not get any money back. This also applies if you are banned!

I haven't received my product - what should I do?

Usually you should receive your product within a few minutes. If this is a rank, in most cases it helps to leave the server and rejoin.

Should there be an unexpected problem in our shop or you should not receive your product, please contact our email address admin@thelotus.tv with the transaction ID and your Minecraft name. We will take a closer look at your case and deal with it as soon as possible.

Welche Produkte gibt es?

Folgende Produkte kannst du in unserem Shop erwerben:

  • Lobbyextras:
    • Kisten (Gewöhnliche Kisten / seltene Kisten / epische Kisten)
    • Companions ( Konkey Dong / Pinguin / Schildkröte
    • Pets (Eisengolem / Enderman / Blaze)
  • Booster:
    • Coinbooster (+15% Coins / +30% Coins / +70% Coins)
    • XP-Boost (+25% XP / +50% XP / +100% XP
  • Tokens:
    • Uprank-Tokens von Premium zu Elite für 30, 90 oder 180 Tage
    • Statsreset-Tokens (1 Token / 3 Tokens / 5 Tokens)
    • Social-Tokens (+9 Slots / +18 Slots / +36 Slots)
Which payment methods are there?

The following payment methods are available in our shop:

  • paysafecard
  • PayPal
  • Instant bank transfer
  • Giropay
How do I reach the shop?

You can access our shop at shop.thelotus.tv

How does the purchase process work?
  • Open our shop (shop.thelotus.tv).
  • Select a product from the categories Elite, Premium, Uprank, Crates, Animals, Statsreset or Booster.
  • Please enter your Minecraft name in the next step. Please make sure that you spell your name correctly, otherwise it could happen that another player receives your purchased product!
  • Within the various categories, you now have several options to choose from. For example, you can choose the duration for ranks, the quantity for stat reset tokens and the type for crates.
  • Once you have successfully decided on a product, you can add it to the shopping basket by clicking on it.
  • Once in the shopping cart, you have the following options
    • Remove the item from the shopping cart by clicking on the "Remove" button.
    • Change the quantity of the item
    • Continue shopping (the items remain saved)
    • Choose between the payment methods PayPal, Sofortüberweisung, Überweisung, Giropay and Paysafecard
    • Add a discount code; a more detailed explanation can also be found in the FAQ.
    • Proceed to payment. You do this after you have selected the payment method by clicking on "Buy now".

After you have made your payment via one of the above services, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with the transaction ID - please make sure you keep this! This is important in case there is a problem with your purchase.

Thank you for your support!