MontagsBuilder Update

Dear Community,

after some time we have prepared a new update for MontagsBuilder, which is now available for you on

First of all, our builders have built 5 brand new MontagsBuilder maps for you:

The following maps will be added in the course of the day:
Colosseo, El Tesoro, Greek, Lake, Studyroom, Shiro

In addition, there are also many new features to let your buildings shine in new glory. You can find a list of the updates here:

There is also a new lobby update, which includes 3 parts:

Last but not least, there is a small update in our TheLotus Museum, which is located at the Spawn.

Just have a look for yourself...

We wish you a lot of fun with the update and exciting fights on the new Knockmap! 😉

Your Serverteam 🌺