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Vielen Dank für euer Verständnis!

Dear Community,

We are happy to be able to organize tournaments again in cooperation with MESA. In the course of this, we present to you the MESA Autumn Cup 2021.

What is the MESA? What kind of cups are we talking about here?

The MESA is a group of players who, in cooperation with us, has organized quite a few tournaments and leagues in the clan area for several years. Traditionally, four cups are held each year (Easter, Summer, Autumn and Winter) where clans can compete and get chances to win great prizes. The Cup will take place from 05.11. - 07.11.2021.

How can I sign up?

To sign up, you need a clan that has existed for more than 3 days and has at least 6 clanmembers. In addition, your clan must be registered on the MESA website and all players must also be in the clan on the website.

You can register via the document linked below called "Clan Registration". There you will need to fill in all the points, which will automatically put you in the draw pot for the group stage draws.

Please keep in mind that registrations are only possible until 11/03/2021 23:59!

What should I specify when registering?

Clan name: [e.g. MESA clan].
Clan Tag: [MESA]
Clan Leader: [Inferno901]
Clan Co-Leader: [FunnyQchen]
Players for the tournament (6): [Inferno901|Niklas, FunnyQchen|Finn, Gvmba|Janko, byTxi|Tim, Blvckwidow|Fabian, xTimi_|Tim]
Discord ID of two contacts on this Discord: [name#1234], [name#1234].

Please also note that to each entered the real name must be given!

What can you win?

1st place: 6x 3 months Champ rank [Own prefix and nick rights in the minigames].
2nd place: 6x 3 months Elite.
3rd place: 6x 3 months Premium.

The general TheLotus Server (Allgemeine Server-Regeln) and MESA tournament rules ( apply. A violation of the rules will result in the exclusion of the entire clan for the tournament and may also result in bans for future cups & tournaments.

We look forward to lively participation in the first Cup and a fun and above all fair tournament!

Your server team 🌺