It's halloween at TheLotus!

Wie am 01.07.2022 bereits über unser Forum und Socialmedia Kanälen angekündigt, befindet sich das TheLotus Network seit dem 15.07.2022, 23:59 Uhr für unbestimmte Zeit in Wartungsarbeiten. Alle Premium-Ränge werden während der Wartungsarbeiten selbstverständlich pausiert. Bereits gekaufte Ränge werden NICHT erstattet! Weitere Informationen findet ihr hier: Zur News

Vielen Dank für euer Verständnis!

Dear Community,

from today the first event on TheLotus starts with the Halloween event.


You can collect souls from now until 07.11.2021 and exchange them for special rewards at the spawn at Slenderman. You can get souls through tasks in different game modes or through interactions in the lobby. You can find out more from him.

But beware: Every 2 days, three new tasks are unlocked, which means that you can't do everything in one day.

It is also completely up to you which reward you want to unlock. After completing all the tasks though, you unlock a unique cape.

kmjW8S8.png Nc9Xv7E.png

Halloween bundle in our shop

Bargain hunters watch out! We have of course also put together a small Halloween bundle! In our store you get the following contents for only 15€:

  • 1x 7 days 50% XP Booster
  • 1x 7 days 30% Coin Booster
  • 3x Epic Crates
  • One month premium
  • 1x Devil's Wing from the InGame Shop

This bundle is available as long as the Halloween event is running. So make sure you get the exclusive benefits!


Need some coins? No problem! Just ask for some candy by ringing doorbells. (These particular buttons always have particles on them).

A number of pumpkins have also been hidden, which you can activate by right-clicking on them. However, these are purely cosmetic.

X8IFWEA.png J1tLcCi.png

But be careful! From time to time it can happen that lightning strikes. It's best to find these places, they might help you later.


Our builders decided to build a Halloween lobby for this special occasion. Thank you very much for that! <3

There are also four new Halloween maps in the following modes:

  • MontagsBuilder (Mapname: Halloween)
  • JumpDown & GetDown (Mapname: Halloween)
  • BedWars 4x2 (Mapname: Candle)
  • BedWars 4x4 (Mapname: Halloween)

Final sentence

We are aware that this event might seem a bit sobering to some of you. However, after a long internal deliberation we decided to offer you a small event where you can win something!

We hope you like the mini Halloween event and would be happy about your opinion about it!

Your server team 🌺