LabyMod partnership, full support, referral link & cashback program

Wie am 01.07.2022 bereits über unser Forum und Socialmedia Kanälen angekündigt, befindet sich das TheLotus Network seit dem 15.07.2022, 23:59 Uhr für unbestimmte Zeit in Wartungsarbeiten. Alle Premium-Ränge werden während der Wartungsarbeiten selbstverständlich pausiert. Bereits gekaufte Ränge werden NICHT erstattet! Weitere Informationen findet ihr hier: Zur News

Vielen Dank für euer Verständnis!

Dear Community,

we are happy to announce that LabyMod and TheLotus Network have joined forces for a partnership!

Emote NPC

You have surely noticed that we have the good old emote NPC in our lobby since release. Here you can see all available LabyMod emotes before you buy them.


Discord Rich Presence

Of course, that's not enough. Of course, we have also enabled the Discord Rich Presence feature for our servers again, where you can send party requests to your friends on the network directly via Discord and also see what server they are on!

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Erspielbare LabyMod Titel

LabyMod titles have of course been created again on our network for each game mode. These are different depending on what stats you have in each game mode.


Some of you may have seen it last night - we have created a thread for the LabyMod titles. In it you can suggest if you have ideas for other titles and find an overview of all current titles that can be earned via the stats.

Serverspezifisches Spieler Menü

Through the server-specific player menu, you can check stats, add as a friend and invite to the party, in addition to the familiar LabyMod features.


We will be releasing more features related to LabyMod soon so you can enjoy even more features.

But that was not all!

We have another referral link (REF link for short) ready for you, where you not only support us and the further development of the network, but also get a 10% discount in the LabyMod store at the same time! There are several ways to get the discount:

- Via the link:

- Via the short link:

- By entering the code thelotus in the LabyMod Shop under "Promo Code".


Many thanks already to all who store at LabyMod through our link! <3

But even now we are not at the end of this announcement....

LabyMod cashback program

Of course, the buyers in our store should also be rewarded. For this reason, we have activated the cashback program together with LabyMod. You will receive per 1 € > 30 LabyCoins credited.

(Here as an example based on a Statsreset token)


Server Addon

And for all those who are now asking: "Where is the server addon?"

To those we can say, we are currently revising this with new features and will mention it as soon as it is ready of course here again separately!

We hope you are happy about this announcement as we are and we would like to thank LabyMod for their trust and look forward to working with them! <3